Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Jack or Jill Hunt - Female path (part ii)

Ok lovelies, I promised to do another blog post for the female path of the Jack or Jill Hunt.
Firstly all hunt locations and hints are located HERE. All prizes are 0L to buy and are available until the end of this month (28th Feb).

As the hunt only has a few days before it ends, I've pulled a couple of looks together, and captured some of the prize pic adverts for you. I don't like to do this usually, but time is of the essence! So, without further ado:

1 Hundred

 Barely Legal Couture

 C h a r y





.: Somnia :. 

In addition to the above, here are a couple of looks I put together. Hope you like:

Style Credits:
Lip gloss: Pink Acid
Top: Forever Young (with hud)
Jeans: [Cynful] skinny jeans (with hud)

(I've done a screen shot to show you the hud options with the jeans and top - both fantastic prizes).

Style Credits:
Lip gloss: Pink Acid
Tattoo:Pimp My Sh!t (phat azz and lola applier inc)
Spiked Collar: Zombie suicide
Top: *HolliPocket* (lola applier inc)
Skirt: LUST
Boots: Razor

Don't forget - you have until the end of this month to pick up prizes from the male and female paths. Good luck!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Jack or Jill Hunt - Female path (part i)

Hello lovelies! I've been promising myself that I will do you a blog post for the Jack or Jill Hunt for a while. So, here we go. The hunt ends at the end of the month (28th) and all prizes are free. I'm gonna show you a small selection today, and more in the week - so keep your eyes peeled. On to the goodies:

MoDANNA (nail applier only)

Virtual Insanity (nail and toenail applier inc)

Style Credits:
Crown: [geek]
Hair: *Milk* Hair
Runny eye makeup: [S H O C K ] Factory
Shape/Skin: .:Panda Punx:. (slink/phat azz/lola appliers inc)
Tattoo: elska (comes with slink/phat azz applier)
Skirt: [bubble] (comes with texture hud)
Shoes: Babydoll (dulce pumps)

All hunt slurls and hints can be found HERE. Good luck - you have until the 28th to find these goodies, and I will post more in the week.

Enjoy x

Sunday shoe porn?

N-core has new shoes out as a group gift (above). The N-core group is 0L to join, and the gorup join is next to the group gift in the store. Don't miss out.

Taxi: N-core

Friday, 21 February 2014

Bring on Spring!

For those of you who didn't know, I live in the UK, which is very wet at the moment! too much rain and not enough sunshine. I headed over to Sn@tch this week, and found a bunch of freebies, which scream sunshine to me! It puts me in a good mood :)

Here we go:

Style credits:
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Emma Mesh Hair - 50L TODAY ONLY
All items I'm wearing (roller skates with skating ao, leather bracelets, earrings, shorts and hippy top) are from Sn@tch and are a free gift on the reception desk.

For those of you who like to fish (7seas fishing), the fishing prize at Sn@tch has been swapped out. There are 21 pieces to fish for, and you can complete this lovely outfit:


Just note, you don't have to bait your rod to win the clothing pieces for the outfit. I can't tell you how many lindens I spent on bait, before realising this one a while back!

Finally, if you have any spare lindens and a group space available, there is a VIP group gift out at Sn@tch as well, which is this jewellery set:

You'll find some other little treats in the gift box too ;) Group join is 200L, and I don't regret a single linden on this group join.

Enjoy x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

With Love Fair - now til 21st February.

My look today is brought to you courtesy of the With Love Fair. Everything photo'd here is 0 or 1L, and available at the fair (except the hair). Hope you like:


Style Credits:
Shape: [BELISSIMA] - 0L (5 variations included, all mod)
Eyes: Adoness (mesh eyes) - 1L
Hair: Group gift at (red) Mint (0L group join)
Skin: [ S H O C K ] Factory (slink, lola and phat azz appliers inc) - 0L
Lipstick: Pink Acid (3 colours included) - 1L
Tattoo: //elephante poses// Secret Heart *Neck Tattoo* - 1L
Top: .ARISE. (lola applier inc) - 0L
Skirt: Paperbag (mesh pencil skirt) - 0L
Ring1: Maxi Gossamer - 0L (both left and right hand version included)
Ring2: [Motivaction] - 1L

Taxi to the With Love Fair is HERE

Enjoy x

Friday, 14 February 2014

Hair Sale at Magika!

Magika have updated the Hud 3 on their hair styles, and for a limited time, these 5 styles are on sale for 50L (in the Hud 3 option only!). This is the colour range you get on the hud:

Here are the 5 styles with this sale offer only:

Close up shot for you:

Needless to say, I'm also a hair whore....I bought all five >.>

Taxi: Magika

My shoe whore post of the day!

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a shoe whore. A shoe whore who loves my Slink feet, and a shoe whore who loves to buy Slink shoes in sale rooms. All these gorgeous packs (of 3 shoes!!) are on sale for 55L this weekend at fi*Friday. I bought em all >.>

Taxi: fi*Friday sale event

25L Special from Apple May Designs - this week only!

Limited time offer from Apple May Designs - pick up any of these new release 'Alice' tops for 25L. You have 4 colours to pick from - all in these spring pastel colours,

Enjoy x

Taxi: Apple May Designs

Valentines offers on the Grid...

Hey lovelies! I've been hopping about today and found a few Valentines offers and gifties, still out for you! I'm gonna keep it simple - pic and slurl - so you can get straight to the good stuff:

1. Bax

All four colours are on offer for 50L for a limited time. They come in a norm/low waist option, with the Phat Azz applier included.

Taxi: Bax Coen Designs

2. ::Poised::

This  beautiful mesh gown is 1L for a limited time only. Make sure you pick up yours today. 

Also, the February group gift is out on the reception desk:

The group is 0L to join, and there is a new gift each month. I like this specifically, because I get a matching pair of shoes for my Slink feet :D

Taxi: ::Poised:: 

3. PurpleMoon Creations

There are two group gifts to pick up (50L group join fee). One is a Valentines gift, and one is a regular group gift:

I have been in the PurpleMoon group for a couple of years now, and the 50L group join is a steal, for the lovely gifts that you receive. There is also a hunt on at the store - 20 cherries are hidden throughout the store (0L) with lots of goodies packed inside. I'll try to show this to you soon.

Taxi: PurpleMoon Creations

 4. Blacklace

These two group gifts are available in the store, both with a Valentines theme:

The Blacklace group is 99L to join - again there are regular group gifts, which are also sent out in notices (if you don't wanna trek to the store).

Taxi: Blacklace

5. Izzie's:

This porcelain skin is a 0L gift in the mainstore (not sure for how long though):

It comes with a cleavage/non cleavage option (no appliers included). The full range is also on sale in the main store.

Taxi: Izzie's mainstore

6. Earthstones:

This eyebrow piercing is 0L instore for Valentines only:

There is also a matching lip and belly piercing for 75L each, if you want to complete the set:

Taxi: EarthStones Jewelry

Enjoy x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Not Your Toy Sale-Hunt: on until 28th Feb!

Hi all, it would seem with the new month, there are a bunch of new hunts for you all to pick up bargains in. The Not Your Toy Sale-Hunt is on until the end of the month, and the prizes are all 10L each. I've picked up a few of the prizes I liked; the full list of participating stores, hints and prizes can be found HERE.

On to the prizes:

HolliPocket - Glitzeh Girlie Lemon (Lola applier inc)

::Fe Style:: - Galaxy Cross long tee

KATHAARIAN - Sugar tee w/ wing option (Lola applier inc)

Styled by Panda - Hemlock Top w/ texture hud (Lola applier inc)

 Glitzz Store - Mistress outfit (Lola/Phat Azz applier inc)

.: TAOX :. - butterfly belly tattoo (Phat Azz/Brazilia appliers inc)

bacidalucia village - unisex tattoo

The hair I am wearing in all the shots is from Tameless Hair. You get approx 10 different natural hair colours within the pack. The hair pins are also colour change.

Good luck hunting!


Saturday, 8 February 2014

Be My Busty Valentine Hunt - on until 15th Feb!

Hey lovelies, I've done parts of the Be My Busty Valentine 2 Hunt this week, and have taken some pics of the hunt prizes I like. This is a 0L hunt, so everything is free. This is an appliers hunt, although if you don't have the Lola boobies, you can also just wear the clothing layers.
All links for the locations, hints etc can be found HERE.

On to the prizes:

 Barely Legal Couture (also phatazz applier)

Pretty Liar
 [trs] (also phatazz applier inc)

~Sassy!~ (Lola, Lush, eboob, phatazz, brazilia)
L!KE (phatazz applier also inc)

WickedNight (phatazz applier also inc)

The hair I'm wearing is a 1L bargain at Little Bones (valentines dollarbie). It comes in 6 different colours.

Enjoy xx