Tuesday, 30 September 2014

MadPea - The Green Mire II Hunt (now til October 30th)

The Green Mire II hunt is on until the end of October, and having just completed it, it's a hunt with a difference that I can recommend! There are two paths to the hunt, each with a different version of the same story. Your goal is to figure out the clues, with a number of prizes at the end as your reward.
Honestly, I found the interactive experience worth the cost of the hunt hud itself, and the prizes at the end feel like an added bonus.
Each path hud is 100L, so for 200L total, you get 30 prizes. Pretty good, considering that one outfit from some stores inworld can cost 500L upwards.
Your hunt info and LMs are located HERE on the MadPea website. The starting point with the huds can be bought HERE.

I've photo'd two looks from the prizes I collected - there are plenty more and these are only a taster for you:

Style Credits:
Skin: female prize (male prize also available) - 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Tattoo: Celestial Signs (all layers inc) - .:CoLL:.
Mouthie: Alien popsicles - Kawaii Couture
Dress: female gift (male outfit also available) - #Candy
Boots: Alienwear Boots - Heathenesque
Hair (not in hunt): Feline - little bones. - group gift (100L group join)

Style Credits:
Skin: female prize (male prize also available) - 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Face Mask (1 of 2): Obey mask - Boudoir
Alien Ships: Mini UFO Attack - (Challis)
Shirt: Chevron Shirt (Unisex) - Razor
Pants: part of complete outfit (male outfit also available) - ::Poised::
Boots (not in hunt): Nine - Mesh HiTop Sneakers - ::Poised:: - 100L (new release)
Hair (not in hunt): Feline - little bones. - group gift (100L group join)

You have plenty of time to complete the hunt, but the sooner the better. I found lots of people also doing the hunt and we all helped each other with the clues :) It was a really friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy x

Saturday, 27 September 2014

The Cart Sale - Fall 2014

The Cart Sale (hosted at The Wash) is back on and there are lots of goodies available for no more than 10L until the 8th October. I had a lil wander about, and below are a couple of bits I loved! All outfits can be found HERE. Make sure you hit the event before it ends, there is plenty more available than what I've just blogged:

Style Credits:
Hair: Lena (light browns - MINA Hair - available at My Attic (limited time) - 95L
Jewellery: Armour Delicata - Chop Zuey - 10L
Dress: Kylie Dress (ghosties) - ! The Little Bat - 10L
Shoes: Kylie Heels (black & white) - ! The Little Bat - 10L
Nails (slink mani/pedi): Heavy Metal (unisex) - Nail Me! - 10L

Style Credits:
Hair: Lena (light browns - MINA Hair - available at My Attic (limited time) - 95L
Dress: Gustafsson Retro-#3 - Loordes of London - 10L
Shoes: Pinup Pumps-#4 - Loordes of London - 10L
Nails (slink mani/pedi): Awaiting Autumn - Nail Me! - 10L

Close up of the nail huds used:

outfit 1

outfit 2

Aaaaaand because you can never have too many shoes, I also picked up these bad boys from The Cart Sale for 10L:

Naomi Red - Lindy Shoes - 10L (slink high)

Finally, as an aside, Nail Me! has reduced their group join and made it free (0L) to join their group! This is for a limited time - so if you like their nail huds, get into the group!

Nail Me! group join: HERE

Couple of quickies in the morning...

yep, I do love that quick satisfaction....especially when it comes to shoe shopping!

Usual group join for Baby Monkey is 250L - and there are plenty of group only offers, luckies, and gifts dotted about to make this a great offer.

Taxi: Baby Monkey Shoes

This is a limited time, BUY ME NOOOW, kinda sale, so hop on over. I picked up a few gorgeous pairs of flats for my slink feet. Be warned, the fatpacks haven't been reduced, so if you like em, check the prices first!

Taxi: Reign

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Housewife Couture

Lol maybe it's the Stepford Wife in me, bitter and twisted, that inspired my look today. Or maybe it's something else? Either way, hope you like:

Style Credits:
Skin: Sept group gift (slink huds inc) - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 10L group join (ONLY TIL MONDAY. 3 MONTHS OF GIFTS AVAILABLE)
Hair: Telephone (Blondes 2) - .ploom.  - in hair sale 75L
Eye Makeup: .::DMD::. gift - 1L - on Marketplace HERE
Dress: group gift - {dollle*} - 0L group join (see below for all options you get)
Cigarette: free gift - 0L - on Marketplace HERE
Nails (slink mani/pedi): free gift from Nail Me!, at The Cart Sale event (limited time)
Heels: 55L offer from Emporium, at Fi*Friday sale room (til Wednesday)

close up of shoes (colour hud)

close up of nail hud from Nail Me!
All 4 dress colours are inc in the group gift (I'm modelling the grey)

For info, {dollle*} also has a 2 yr anniversary hunt on at the moment - completely free if you can find the 6 gift boxes. The prizes are shown below:

I find that {dollle*} always makes great quality mesh clothes for a good price. Trust me, you'll want to have a look round the store and have a lil spend up :)

Finally, the scowl on my face is brought to you courtesy of the emoter hud from Adorkable Poses:

The hud is available to buy from Marketplace HERE for 0L - a fab buy for anyone who likes to take photos inworld.

Hope you enjoy x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Twisted Hunt - on now!

The Twisted Hunt is on til the end of the month, and has been running for a number of years now. It's one of those hunts, where often I swear at the screen as I try to find the prizes, but the hunt itself is well worth doing! The hunt is a 0L hunt - thank you to all designers for participating.

All your hunt info, including store locations and hints, can be found HERE.

I've photo'd my fave pics from the hunt overall. Please take time to complete the entire hunt, and check out some of the store I have and haven't mentioned. The prizes are always fabulous, I just never have enough space to blog everything!

On to the prizes:

Ama (used throughout postings)


Zoe's Garden



Style Credits:
Hair:  LaNoir Soleil Designs (male version also available)
Skin: -{The Attic}- (all skins in this blog post are from this prize)
Tattoo: .:CoLLisions:.
Jacket:  JLZ Fashion
Shorts: Horr Menswear (part of bikini)
Shoes (slink high): Seddy's Creations

Style Credits:
Skin: -{The Attic}- (all skins in this blog post are from this prize)
Monacle: * Amaranthus *
Mouth nom: .::DaBuVa::.
Dress: Goth1c0
Shoes: Corrupted (part of an outfit)

Style Credits:
Skin: -{The Attic}- (all skins in this blog post are from this prize)
Outfit: PunkD! (slink mid heels inc)
Mask:  .Arcadia.

Style Credits:
Skin: -{The Attic}- (all skins in this blog post are from this prize)
Outfit (inc head gear and choker): :{MV}:
Shoes: B!ASTA - mini hunt

Sn@tch (fatpack for skirt)

 RoTtEn ToE

B!asta (you can see the skirt hud here)
Carrie's Lingerie

Ok, I'm off to have a well deserved rest! Enjoy hunting xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Hello Titty Hunt 4

Hello my lovelies...how appropriate that my 100th post is about my favourite body part - boobies!
The Hello Titty Hunt 4 is on until the 20th September, and is a 0L hunt. I've photo'd all the prizes I picked up and especially liked for you. I'll also note whether I used my bewb/butt attachments for you!

All hunt information, hints and slurls are located HERE. On to the hunt prizes:

Pixystix (bewb/butt appliers inc. 2 skin tones available)

[trs] - bewb/butt appliers inc

[[A.R.C.+F.N.]] - bewb/butt appliers inc

[[A.R.C.+F.N.]] - bewb/butt appliers inc

Awear (part of outfit) - slink high feet

Blink2Wink - bewb/butt appliers inc

Busty Boutique - bewb/butt appliers inc

*CHaRM* (2 colours inc) - bewb/butt appliers inc

Dead Dolls House - bewb appliers inc

Divine Diamond Productions (part of fatpack) - bewb applier inc

Glitzz - bewb/butt appliers inc

::Toxxic:: Pandora (part of fatpack) - bewb appliers inc

Lumae (2 skin tones/2 lingeries) - bewb/butt appliers inc

{*PanDemic*} - bewb appliers inc

PB Designs - bewb/butt appliers inc

 Pink Sugah - bewb/butt appliers inc
Que Bella - bewb/butt appliers inc

Ravnous - bewb/butt appliers inc

Sugar Button Boutique - bewb appliers inc

..:sexZ:.. - bewb/butt appliers inc

~*SugarFluff*~ - bewb appliers inc