Friday, 30 October 2015

30th October 2015

Yep, after a little jaunt on Facebook, I'm back here blogging. Going to stick to what I do best, which is blogging in a clear, unedited way and showing you the fantastic deals, bargains and shopping goodies inworld that are present and don't have to cost you your pixel kidneys in the process.

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Clove (fudge tone) - Wasabi Pills - 50L today only as part of the 50L Friday event
Shoes: Devilish Smile (gg - compatible with both slink and maitreya) - {Kokoia} - group join 0L
Dress and Lipstick: both prizes from the Carver's End Horror game - 0L - Brought to you by Pulse Games. Starting point: HERE. Good luck!