Friday, 27 February 2015

Weekend shopping expeditions

One thing I love about the weekend is that moment, when you wake, your toes wriggle in the warmth of your bed, and you realise you can sleep in if you want......but I'm a morning person, so I gets up and shop!

Been out and about the grid today, perving at some of the goodies on offer, and found these pretties!

Enjoy x

Close up on shoes

Advert for the MadPea gacha

Advert for Nail Me! slink mani/pedi

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Sierra (mini mania prize: 5 required) - Alice Project - 0L
Earrings: Black wide hoop earrings - Angelle - 0L - on Marketplace HERE
Face Mask: Damask Face Mask - Dark Water Designs - at The Wash Bi-Annual Cart Sale (on til 16th March) - 10L
Necklace: Compass (from Lily's Treasures collectible necklaces) - MadPea Productions - 25L play
Slink mani/pedi: Candy brites 'wave' - Nail Me! - at The Wash Bi-Annual Cart Sale (on til 16th March) - 10L
Dress: Halloween Dress - Goth1c0 - at The Wash Bi-Annual Cart Sale (on til 16th March) - 10L
Heels (slink high): Smilla High Heels [FATPACK] - Bens Boutique - at Fi*Friday sale event only - 55L

That Friday feeling :)

A little girly....a little lethal....after all, never come between a woman and her glass of red ;)

Enjoy x

close up on necklace

MadPea gacha (25L pull price)

close up of the shoes you get - all 4 pairs inc

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Maiko - Truth hair - previous gacha hair from the Arcade
Necklace: Dagger (Lily's Treasures collectible necklaces) - MadPea Games - 25L a play
Dress: Sally Sundress - *{Junbug}* - 50L (part of 50L Friday)
Shoes: Foxie flats (slink) - part of 4 pack of shoes - Pure Poison - 50L (part of 50L Friday)

Friday, 20 February 2015

PurpleMoon - Cherries on Top Hunt (on til 28th Feb)

The annual Cherries on Top Hunt is on at PurpleMoon Creations til the end of the month (28th). As a free hunt, you can find all the below prizes (14 in total) and pick up these fab goodies.

Hunt advert

Slink mani/pedi advert from Nail Me!

Style Credits:
Clothing: PurpleMoon Hunt - taxi HERE
Heels: current 50L Friday offering from Ingenue (slink high) - today only!
Slink mani/pedi: Winter's Kiss - Nail Me! - 75L

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Depraved Nation: Jack or Jill Hunt (Jack Path)

The Jack or Jill hunt is a 0L (free) hunt, organised by Depraved Nation, which has two paths - male and female. Both hunt paths are 50 stops, and I will be showing you the male path today.

All hunt info, including stops, hints etc can be found HERE. I'll take you through all the prizes, but the hunt info and hints etc, will be found using this link above.

Good luck! On to the prizes :)

stop 000 (unisex)

stop 001

stop 002

stop 003

stop 004

stop 005

stop 006

stop 007

stop 008

stop 009

stop 010
stop 011

stop 012

stop 013

stop 014

stop 015

stop 016

stop 017

stop 018

stop 019

stop 020
stop 021

stop 022

stop 023

stop 024

stop 025

stop 026

stop 027

stop 028 (unisex)

stop 029

stop 030
stop 031

stop 033

stop 034

stop 035

stop 036

stop 037

stop 038

stop 039

stop 040
stop 041

stop 045 (blue zebra only)
stop 046

stop 047

stop 048 (unisex)

stop 049

stop 050