Friday, 25 December 2015

25th December 2015

Best not to ask what I'm doing up at this hour, my bed calls and I'll soon be back in it! I've been hunting this week, both for goodies and the perfect Christmas outfit for me. Lo and behold, I've found both and am sharing with you :)

Make sure you find the time to check out MadPeas latest immersive game, Ghost Town. All the info you need, including how to play, prizes and TP locations can be found HERE. Essentially, you land in a purpose built sim, wear a hud and complete the game to win prizes. It's free to play (usually MadPea games cost L$) and is well worth the time spent on it. Personally, I enjoy MadPea games both for the storyline, the game play and the effort they go into for the build. The prizes are a bonus. This time round, it's free and you get some great prizes too. Here are some of the przes:

The hair I'm wearing is the hunt prize from [elikatira]. There are decor prizes and menswear prizes too, so plenty to win. Overall, the game took me about an hour to play and once you complete, you enter a room with all the prizes inside it. Good luck and hope you enjoy :)

MadPea - Ghost Town - HOW TO PLAY
MadPea - Ghost Town - PRIZES

 My Christmas outfit this year (yep wanted warm and cozy):

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Ghost Town hunt prize - [elikatira] - further details above (0L)
Jewellery: Gingerbread man jewellery (complete set) - Izzie's - 0L
Sweater dress: Sweater dress (mesh body/regular body fits) - Just BECAUSE - group gift (0L group join)
Socks: Christmas socks (4 colours // multiple fit options) - !APHORISM! - subscribo gift (0L join)

And finally........Ricielli has a 15L Christmas hunt on, which looks fab! The difference with this hunt: you can buy TRANS versions of the prizes for gift giving! I love this feature as it means I can share prizes as gifts with friends. Pic below:

Taxi: Ricielli

Ok, that's it from me. I'm off to find my bed and sleeeeep. Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you for being part of my SL experience by reading this blog. I hope you enjoy it x

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

24th December 2015

The Peace on Earth Hunt is into it's 8th round, which means it's 8 years old and helping me feel....old lol. Maybe I've been inworld too long, but that's another story for another day. On to the party goodies you can find on the hunt! I've focussed on the party/evening gowns in this post, but with 78 stops on the hunt, you will find something to enjoy :)

All info, hints and slurls about the hunt can be found HERE. This is a 0L hunt, so everything photo'd here is free! I've also pictured a couple of group gift items from the Cosmopolitan Sales room Christmas tree. You need to be in the group (free group join), but with over 20 gifts on the tree, it's well worth joining!

On to the good stuff:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6

Pic 7
Advert for bracelet // PoE Hunt prize

Close up on {ZOZ} nail hud // Cosmo Sales room gift
All clothing, jewellery and shoes shown in this post are from the Peace on Earth Hunt. The two exceptions are:

Hair: EMO-tions - Cosmopolitan Sale room group advent gift)
Nail hud (slink, maitreya, ZOZ nails): -[ZOZ]- - Cosmopolitan Sale room group advent gift)

Taxi: Cosmopolitan Sales room

Enjoy x

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

22nd December 2015

Continuing with the party mood....time to look pretty!

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Boa fatpack - Moon hair - group gift (100L group join)
Earrings: Kundan (gold/red) earrings - *PROMAGIC* (0L gift instore)
Mani hud: SL Frees and Offers group gift - La Boheme - group gift (0L group join)
Dress: Satin red dress (mesh/regular sizing) - [EGO] - 1L on MP HERE
Heels: GingerB Black-Xmas (slink high) - Lindy - 10L at The Wash Cart Sale HERE

Hope this gets you in the party spirit too. Enjoy x

Sunday, 13 December 2015

12th December 2015

Beginning to get into that party mood.....and a beautiful gown always helps :)

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Chikai fatpack - *ARGRACE* - group gift (0L - click on vendor and it's yours!)
Earrings: Bubbles earrings (mini pack) - Elysium - 0L available at the KittyCatS Advent Calendar
Mani/Pedi: CandyCane nail hud (maitreya) - ~Shiny Stuffs~ - 0L on MP HERE
Gown: Louise Brocade Gown - Sn@tch - 7seas fishing prize (100L for a casual rod, unbaited. If you have the rod already it's free - just gotta fish for it!)
Bracelets: Cuff Bracelet - ^^Swallow^^ - group gift (30L group join)
Ring: I hate Xmas ring (gold) - ^^Swallow^^ - group gift (30L group join)
Heels: RAQUEL Heels (slink, maitreya, TMP ouch) - VeNuS<>ShOeS - group gift (0L group join)

Enjoy x

Saturday, 12 December 2015

12th December 2015

Time to get into the party mood....with shoes, shoes and more shoes. Usually I wear Maitreya for my feet, but in this case, I've popped on slink for these heels. All are in the slink high foot, but I'll tell you which types come with each style.

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Mias La II - fatpack (8 gifts available here) - Moon - group gift (100L group join)
Necklace/bracelets: Orbit set - RealEvil Industries - 0L on MP HERE
Nails: Chic macabre (claw ed.) for maitreya hands only - ~GD~ - 0L on MP HERE  (personally I LOVE these - my must by of the blog).
Bikini: Independant Ladies (multiple appliers inc & system layers) - .:CL Love:. - 1L on MP HERE
Tattoo: Group gift (multiple appliers // black & red tones inc) - Old Betty's - 5L on MP HERE
Heels: Fiona Spiked high heels (slink high) - Diva's Shoes - 1L on MP HERE

Heels 1
Heels 2

Heels 3
Heels 4

Heels 5
Heels 6

The shoooes:
Heels 1: Holly Heels (slink high //  4 colours inc) - ::s@r:: - 200L
Heels 2: Nicola Boots (slink, maitreya, TMP) - AnaLee Balut - 0L on MP HERE
Heels 3: Gift shoes (slink high only) - Florenza - 1L on MP HERE
Heels 4: Holiday heels (slink high only) - Zen Creations - MM prize (30 slaps needed to lock)
Heels 5: Baby heels and socks (slink high only) - Mag <3B. - 5L on MP HERE
Heels 6: Halloween gift (purple & black inc // slink high, belleza) - Vowtte - 1L on MP HERE

Enjoy x

Friday, 11 December 2015

11th December 2015

Wynn is wearing:
Hair/horns: X-mas hair offer - eXxEsS hair - 1L on MP HERE
Sweater: Cozy sweater (fatpack) - Pixicat - 50L (part of the 50L Friday offer, TODAY ONLY)
Boots: Knitted wedge boots (maitreya, slink, belleza, system) - Pure Poison - group gift gacha (0L group join/50L a pull)

Enjoy x

Sunday, 6 December 2015

6th December 2015

Seems today is the day to discover TWO fabulous Advent Calendars inworld for us to enjoy! More details to follow...


Wynn is wearing:
Hair and Eyes: Amacci (male and female versions available) - KittycatS Advent gift - 0L
Snowflake makeup: Snow Queen makeup gift - [theSkinnery] Arcade gift - 0L
Earrings: !Rebel Hope (gold and silver versions available) - KittycatS Advent gift - 0L
Nail polish: La Boheme (slink, maitreya, omega versions) - KittycatS Advent gift - 0L
Dress and Cardigan: Masami dress/cardigan - PurpleMoon Creations Advent gift - 0L (group members only)
Heels: Heather Heels (maitreya, slink, belleza) - Glamistry - 379L first colour on hud (sorry ladies I picked them up as part of the 50L Friday deal this week)
Anklet: Diamond dangle anklet - Earthstones - lucky present prize (0L)

A couple of points to note for all you shoppers out there....

1. This round of the Arcade is extra special because all participating stores have placed a FREE gift under a Christmas tree in the middle of the build. There are a beautiful mix of clothing, hair, accessories and decor to pick up and only available this month!
Taxi: The Arcade

2. The KittycatS advent is available to everyone to pick up gifts for free. You don't need to be a group member, and there are a mix of male/female/unisex, accessory, decor prizes. You will need to check back each day for a new gift. The PurpleMoon Advent is for VIP group members only. Group membership is 50L and, imo, is still a bargain! Like the KittyCatS advent, you can pick up old gifts, so there's no excuse! Hop to it and grab some gorgeous goodies. I will be blogging more over the coming weeks.

Enjoy x

Thursday, 3 December 2015

4th December 2015

It's Party Season once again, and time to find a sparkly pretty dress and get out there and shake those pixels...found mine with a 7seas fishing rod this year! The fishing at ! The Little Bat is unbaited, just set your rod to auto cast and get comfortable!


Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Willa (exclusives hud) - [elikatira] - 50L Friday deal (today only!)
Septum piercing: Rih piercing - Vinyl - group gift (0L group join)
Choker: Skully choker (open collar & regular inc) - ! The Little Bat - 7seas Fishing prize (0L)
Necklace: Gem Necklace (gem colour hud) - ! The Little Bat - Mix n match prize (0L)
Dress: Penelope Dress (advert above) - ! The Little Bat - 7seas Fishing prize (0L)
Heels: Savia heels (fatpack for Maitreya/Slink/TMP) - Ricielli - Bye Bye Summer hunt prize (15L)

For info, you can fish unbaited with a 7seas casual rod, which usually costs 100L. There are a few clothing stores that have fishing as a 'feature', although not many. If you come across one, please let me know as I do love a good fishing session!

Enjoy x

Saturday, 28 November 2015

28th November 2015 - Black Friday weekend

Yep, Wynn went a lil mad over the last 24 hours and now the bank balance is crying. Don't judge, I found us some good bargains!

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Karee (essentials pack) - [elikatira] - 50L - THIS WEEKEND ONLY BLACK FRIDAY SALE
Jewellery: Pearl rain, season 3 (white) - [MANDALA] - 594L - on MP HERE - part of the 12 Days of Savings event on Marketplace
Heels: Begonia Heels (slink/maitreya/belleza) - Glamistry - 479L - WEEKEND OFFER ONLY
Dress: Claire dress (blue) - maitreya fit only - Thalia Heckroth - 349L

All hair at [elikatira] is 50L this weekend, including new releases.

The Thalia Heckroth dress was bought in the Black Friday sale, but reverted back to full price by the time I blogged it. Sorry folks :( It's a stunner though.

Enjoy x

Saturday, 21 November 2015

21st November 2015

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Scope (full fatpack inc - group gift) - Little Bones. - 100L group join
Eyes: Enchantment Hunt prize - Gaeline Creations - see below for more info.
Eye shadow: Abby eyeshadows (full fatpack inc - group gift: check notice history) - Blacklace Beauty - 99L group join
Earrings: Enchantment Hunt prize - The Plastik - see below for more info.
Rings: Enchantment Hunt prize - Eudora - see below for more info.
Bodysuit: Yours Truly (PG/Adult versions, all appliers inc + system layers - group gift) - ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... - 0L group join
Jeans: Celen Jeans - ISON - 175L (half price offer for November only)
Heels: Enchantment Hunt prize (Maitreya and Slink inc) - Essenz - see below for more info.

More info about Enchantment and the hunt can be found HERE. The hunt is 0L to pick up the gifts (lots of amazing designers in the hunt list) and is on til the beginning of December. You will need the associated HUD to collect your gifts. Don't miss out on this one; it's highly recommended!

Enjoy x