Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday mooching....


Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Shirley - Alice Project - 0L (mini mania prize)
Lipstick: lipos - .BBB. - 0L on marketplace HERE
Necklace: Pentacle Necklace - ~Edenia~ - 0L on marketplace HERE
Top: Enmeshed into Spring hunt prize - Apple May Designs - 0L (look for the Easter Egg)
Tattoo: Butterfly Tattoo - ~ Dirty Secrets ~ - 0L on marketplace HERE
Pants: Freya Pants (plain) - Apple May Designs - 25L (limited offer)
Slink mani/pedi: Glam Wink - Hello Dave - 0L on marketplace HERE
Heels: Purple bunny heels (slink high) - Pattie's Passions - 50L (limited Easter offer)

Further info about the Enmeshed Into Spring hunt can be found HERE. Good luck hunters!

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Marketplace Hunting

One thing I enjoy doing is taking a browse on Marketplace, and seeing what goodies are out there, for very little cost. You don't need to spend a fortune, to make your avatar look good, girls! Here's my look for today:

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Summertime sadness (mini medley) - Alice Project - 0L on marketplace HERE
Head tattoo: Tattoo and bindi (not shown) - { DATUM } - 0L on marketplace HERE
Skin: Preview skin Vanilla 2 (lots of appliers inc) - Anxiety - 10L on marketplace HERE
Lipstick: Rose lipstain tester (appliers inc) - alaskametro<3 - 0L on marketplace HERE
Septum ring: Septum ring - [DE] - 0L on marketplace HERE
Streaky Eye makeup: Black tears gift - ..::AKA::.. - 0L on marketplace HERE
Eyes: Indogene eyes - ~*By Snow*~ - 0L on marketplace HERE
Neck tattoo: tattoo choker (appliers inc) - [lady.fakessi] - 1L on marketplace HERE
Dress: Grace (March gg) - Hypnose - 1L on marketplace HERE
Thigh tattoos: Crowns tattoo - .DirtyStories. - 0L on marketplace HERE
Stockings: Gift stockings (appliers inc) - [ - WEON - ] - 0L on marketplace HERE
Heels (slink high): Redneck heels for slink high - [D'eVil] - 0L on marketplace HERE
Slink mani/pedi: Spring has sprung - lemon barley designs - 0L on marketplace HERE

Total spend: 12L
Less that one pull on a gacha machine :)
This is why I love marketplace <3

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dress Me Purple II Hunt

Hunt info:
Dates: NOW - 10 April
Free hunt - look for the purple/white spotty easter egg and TOUCH to claim
10 eggs to find.
No group membership needed.

Good luck!

Taxi: PurpleMoon Creations

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ready to rock....

....n roll. So, grab those heels, smooth your hair and come join me!

Wynn is wearing:
Complete outfit (inc boots and makeup): current 7seas fishing outfit - Sn@tch - free if you have a 7seas fishing rod (casual rod costs 100L)
Hair: Toothbrush (Natural Ombres & Dips) - +Spellbound+ - 250L (special sale price for older styles)

Monday, 23 March 2015

Killer heels....

...on killer boots. I'd hoped these beauties would help me win a parcheesy match against my bestie last night. They didn't. But, OMGOSH, don't they look puuurty?

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Birdie - little bones. - group gift (100L group join)
Tattoo: Cusa face tattoo (tintable) - .Arise. - 79L
Top: You're The Cure (PACK19) - *HolliPocket* - The Luck of the Irish gacha - 50L a pull
Necklace: Rave smile necklace - Maxi Gossamer - group gift (0L group join)
Jeans: Shine skinny jeans (fatpack) - Sn@tch (no longer available)
Boots: Weky boots - *{SeVered GarDeN}* - 350L available on Marketplace HERE

As an aside, I regularly blog Maxi Gossamer jewellery - this is because their group gifts are fab, and the group join is free. This is one of those groups in SL, where I would strongly urge you to join because of the quality of gifts you get on a regular basis.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Superhero or Supervillain?

Skintight outfit, check.
Butt on display unnecessarily, check.
Pants on the outside of my clothes, newp.

Must be a villain then ;)

Evil Wynn is wearing:
Hair: .Olive. the Daisy Hair - (J Rabbit) - The Arcade (March round) - 50L a play
Septum ring: [Z O O M] septum ring pack 1 -  Luck of the Irish gacha event - 50L a play
Earrings: Illume set - .Keystone. - 0L available on Marketplace HERE
Bodysuit: Black Stained Glass bodysuit (appliers inc) - C I R C A - 10L available on Marketplace HERE
Tattoo: Skull tattoo (appliers inc) - Bamboo - 0L available on Marketplace HERE
Bracelets: The Black Fair gift - Maxi Gossamer - *previous gift*
Slink mani/pedi: March group gift - Nail Me! - 0L group join
Foot tape (slink high): Ace fatpack - *Promagic* - 1L on Marketplace HERE

Friday, 20 March 2015

Feeling Buried?

MadPea's Buried Hunt is still on til the end of the month (31st March). One thing I love about MadPea is that, in addition to some great prizes, you are participating in a hunt that challenges your mind. The storylines are well thought out, a challenge, and worth the time invested.

Fab job Mari, and team :)

All hunt information can be found HERE. Yes, there is a hud purchase to be made (300L), but you get 25 prizes in total, and as one hunter told me "I've paid more for a shirt inworld before!"

Here's a selection for you to check out:

Style credits:
Skin: Deluxe Body Factory - Buried prize (M and F versions available, with slink applier)
Hair: Exile::Give and Take: 3. Reds 1 - The Arcade (March 2015 round)
Specs (axed glasses): Katat0nik - Buried prize
Top:  ::styled@random:: - Buried prize (M and F versions available)
Jeans:  Militia Jeans (Grey) - :[The Plastik]:
Shoes (slink flat): Livalle - Buried prize
Rings: TANTALUM - Buried prize
Skin spatter: RedRum - Buried prize (unisex)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Naughty Neko

There was a time in SL, where all you would see were neko avatars ( I used to be one, and blogged about it too lol). I went to a Neko party last night, and won the contest. Thought I would share my outfit credits with you, for your own naughty neko moments ;)

Style Credits:
Hair: Clumsy [03] - Magika - 250L
Whiskers: Kitty Cat face - La Baguette - 0L on MP only HERE
Mouthie: Cookie cat freebie - ::Static:: - 0L on MP only HERE
Collar: Princess Kitty neko collar - LoveCats - 0L
Eyes: Beguiling Eyes (spring shade) - LoveCats - camping prize (30 mins)
Kitties: Bandaged kittens - [PF] - 150L - bought from MP HERE
Tattoo: Leopard arm tattoo - ::Asym:: - 49L on MP only HERE
Cuffs: Skeleton Key Cuffs - Barely Legal Couture - *previous hunt prize*
Top: HellNo Kitty shirt - PatchWork Heart - *previous hunt prize* - store on MP only HERE
Skirt: Pleated Skirt - HOC Industries - 175L
Tights: Neko stocking freebie - ::SALLIE:: - 0L on MP only HERE
Boots: Studded long boots - JB Gazov - 450L available on MP HERE