Friday, 25 December 2015

25th December 2015

Best not to ask what I'm doing up at this hour, my bed calls and I'll soon be back in it! I've been hunting this week, both for goodies and the perfect Christmas outfit for me. Lo and behold, I've found both and am sharing with you :)

Make sure you find the time to check out MadPeas latest immersive game, Ghost Town. All the info you need, including how to play, prizes and TP locations can be found HERE. Essentially, you land in a purpose built sim, wear a hud and complete the game to win prizes. It's free to play (usually MadPea games cost L$) and is well worth the time spent on it. Personally, I enjoy MadPea games both for the storyline, the game play and the effort they go into for the build. The prizes are a bonus. This time round, it's free and you get some great prizes too. Here are some of the przes:

The hair I'm wearing is the hunt prize from [elikatira]. There are decor prizes and menswear prizes too, so plenty to win. Overall, the game took me about an hour to play and once you complete, you enter a room with all the prizes inside it. Good luck and hope you enjoy :)

MadPea - Ghost Town - HOW TO PLAY
MadPea - Ghost Town - PRIZES

 My Christmas outfit this year (yep wanted warm and cozy):

Wynn is wearing:
Hair: Ghost Town hunt prize - [elikatira] - further details above (0L)
Jewellery: Gingerbread man jewellery (complete set) - Izzie's - 0L
Sweater dress: Sweater dress (mesh body/regular body fits) - Just BECAUSE - group gift (0L group join)
Socks: Christmas socks (4 colours // multiple fit options) - !APHORISM! - subscribo gift (0L join)

And finally........Ricielli has a 15L Christmas hunt on, which looks fab! The difference with this hunt: you can buy TRANS versions of the prizes for gift giving! I love this feature as it means I can share prizes as gifts with friends. Pic below:

Taxi: Ricielli

Ok, that's it from me. I'm off to find my bed and sleeeeep. Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you for being part of my SL experience by reading this blog. I hope you enjoy it x

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